National Network of Business Development Service Providers


The mission of Zuvluh.mn is to connect the BDS Providers in Mongolia and to enable them to be more productive and successful.


Scope of our services

Zuvluh.mn is a professional online membership network with limited access for general public. The content is mainly user-generated (in Mongolian). Following services are available for our members:

· Learning & Sharing: Members can share their expertise, knowledge, new idea through Status, Q&As, Forums, Groups (Business plan, Loan guarantee program, Rural Innovation and so on) in a network of trusted relationships and groups.

· Get and share latest news: Members can publish and share information about their businesses and upcoming events and get latest news.

· Consultant database: Members can advertise their products and services by joining consultant database.

· Equipment database: Search the database to get detailed information about equipments and technologies members might need, as well as contact suppliers.

· Business proposals database: Members can submit and search for investment proposals.

· Library: Access to books, training materials, toolkits and statistics crucial to running a SME.


Who can become a member?

Any BDS provider who meets following requirements can become our member by applying online:

·         No less than one year of successful work record of BDS (Market access, Technology and product development, Training and technical assistance, Input supply, Alternative financing mechanisms)

·         Or if your services and products are already well-known in the market.


How foreign BDS providers involve inZuvluh.mn?

·         If your Mongolian language skills are enough to manage content and useZuvluh.mn, then you are welcome to apply online and become our member like local providers.

·         Or you can use our network through our members.

If you have any content to share or advertise at Zulvuh.mn you can contact directly to the Mercy Corps Mongolia.

Click here to find more investment proposals submitted in English.


How to contact us?

If you have questions or comments about our services, please email us at info@zuvluh.mn.


Mercy Corps Mongolia


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